Principal, Strategy and Planning

Like A Fox

Nancy is a business and brand strategist specializing in development and planning. But that doesn’t begin to do her, or her talent justice. She’s a little crazy and a lot brilliant; friendly, insightful and one of the best storytellers we know. It would be easier to list the brand challenges Nancy hasn’t tackled than address all the brands she’s helped lead over the years.


“I believe humility frees us to reach further than we thought possible.”


She’s All That

After 17 years in the agency business, Nancy began her own strategy practice, where she helped solve problems for agencies and corporations, including MasterCard, UN World Food Programme, Texas Instruments, Hallmark, BBDO, DDB, and The Integer Group. She’s been an equity partner in a tech start-up—one of Entrepreneur’s Top 100 Brilliant Companies, 2012—and a contributing author to Mapping the New World of American Philanthropy.


Road Now Taken

We attract clients with curiously interesting business problems. Discovering paths they may never have considered is often what we do. One client, for instance, came to us with oral appliances for snoring. We helped them create an entire product system based on a diagnostic methodology that enables dentists to tie sleep care to well-being and more predictable revenue.


Her House

Nancy and her husband are proud parents of three incredible children—a middle schooler and two adults, but always children. Their menagerie also includes two dogs and two cats. She loves music, plays guitar and piano, practices yoga and is active in the youth ministry at her church.



Dallas, Texas

University of North Texas

Paul of Tarsus (e her to hear why)

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