Commence Reconnoitering

You don’t know what you don’t know. And with data now available not merely by the truckload, but by the brontobyte (Fred and Barney are smiling wherever they are), there’s so much we don’t know. And just as much we don’t know what to do with. Introducing CoHo Recon, an initiative of the planning practice at Commerce House, which navigates the ever-shifting cultural landscape to discover, contextualize and disperse consumer intelligence.

On its own, data is meaningless. Putting it to work requires interpretation, context and understanding. CoHo Recon does the field work for you, mining for relevant data. And then, turning it into actionable insights. The goal is simple—to help you navigate uncharted territory and create relevance in unfamiliar spaces by enabling you to recognize emerging opportunities and act on them quickly, fluidly and flexibly.

Our initial efforts yielded a robust, quantitative study of more than 5,000 Americans that cuts across demographics and explores connections between who we are and what drives us. The CoHo Recon Field Guide to Cultural Relevance dives deep on what people think about themselves, their world and their pursuits.

For instance, 91% of those surveyed said most of the time they are grateful. In fact, when choosing words to describe themselves, the one most frequently chosen was “grateful.”

They’re also optimistic. 76% believe strongly that in the United States, anyone can do anything, so long as they work hard enough.

And the Field Guide can be sliced however you need it. Want to know what affluent, conservative, African-American, millennial women are thinking? We can get that granular.

Of course, that’s just a nibble at the brontobytes. We encourage you to dive deep with us as we assay data and ascertain what it means for you and your brand. To check out all the good things CoHo Recon can do for you, connect with our favorite dataphile, Ashley Watson, here.