Dallas Brand Development Agency


If you are struggling to find the right voice for your product, company or service, it may be time to enlist the help of a proven Dallas brand development agency.

At Commerce House, we help you identify what really matters to your customers and in turn, provide your customers with the information they need to choose your company over the competition. Hiring a brand development company in Dallas TX may seem like a luxury, but in today’s competitive marketplace, it is a necessity.

Our clients experience faster growth, more customer retention, and higher market penetration, all thanks to our comprehensive Dallas brand development strategies. From market analysis to logo design, branding and developing the “personality” of your brand, Commerce House is your go-to brand development agency in Dallas TX.


Experience unique to our Dallas brand development agency

How do you outsell the iPhone? In a market that was dominated by Apple products, Samsung dared to be different — and they enlisted Commerce House’s help to create the marketing campaign for the Samsung Galaxy 3, which was the first ever smartphone to outsell Apple’s iconic iPhone.

  • Our brand development company in Dallas TX created a compelling campaign that enticed customers to switch from their beloved Apple products — certainly no small feat — and ultimately built a strategy that led Samsung to outsell Apple.
  • The effect was not short-lived, either; Samsung reigned supreme over the smartphone market for the next four years.
  • When it comes to choosing a Dallas brand development company, wouldn’t you rather choose the agency that supported Samsung’s revolutionary overhaul of the entire smartphone industry? Our brand development strategies in Dallas TX worked for that initiative, and they will work for your company.

Let our sophisticated, qualified Dallas brand development agency team go the distance for your company, and watch the ROI roll in. We can’t wait to get started working for your firm. Contact us now to learn more.